To install a BLUEGEN you need:

  • A (natural) gas connection
  • A power connection
  • A water connection
  • An exhaust gas path
  • And a connection to the Internet (LAN)

Further information about the connections used can also be found in the technical data.

The BLUEGEN can be installed in any building, provided that the above requirements are met. In addition to residential buildings, this also includes commercial buildings, smaller shops, public buildings and many others. In addition, there must be a suitable installation location within the building and a way to direct the exhaust gas to the outside.

We strive to establish a nationwide network of installation partners. If we do not yet have a partner in your region, we will find a partner for you and qualify them for the installation of a BLUEGEN by means of training measures.

The BLUEGEN can be integrated into any existing heating system with central water heating via a heat storage tank.

We recommend a storage size of at least 200 liters.

No, normal tap water is sufficient for the operation of a BLUEGEN.

A free area (without heat accumulator) of approx. 1.5m x 1.7m is required to allow good access for maintenance work. The BLUEGEN requires a footprint of 0.6m x 0.7m.

No, a connection to the power grid is necessary for operation.

In principle, yes. In certain cases, however, a cascading option that allows connection to an existing exhaust gas installation is possible. Please contact us for more information.

In certain cases, cascading is possible that allows connection to an existing exhaust installation. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, as long as it offers sufficient space (min. 10 x 10 cm) for the exhaust gas routing of the BLUEGEN.

Yes, the exhaust pipe can be guided along the outside of the house. Please contact us for more information.

No, the exhaust gas duct can also be guided outwards through a side wall in coordination with the chimney sweep.

Yes, it is possible since BLUEGEN exhausts escape at a maximum temperature of 120°C. This allows the use of plastic exhaust systems.

The acceptance is regulated differently from state to state. Please contact your responsible district chimney sweep.

For the operation of a BLUEGEN, an Internet connection via a wired standard Ethernet line (RJ45) is recommended.

This is not necessary for the operation of the plant, but it may be a condition to receive certain subsidies.

Two electricity meters are required. On the one hand, you need a netting house connection meter that can measure both the grid supply and the grid feed-in and on the other hand, a meter that only measures the electricity from BLUEGEN. This must be done in coordination with the network operator.

The installation should be carried out in close coordination with the chimney sweep. This is usually informed by the installer.