More power – less costs

Highly efficient and affordable low carbon energy

With Bluegen, you generate highly efficient electricity and heat right at the point of consumption, helping you to reduce your energy costs as well as your carbon emissions. The micro CHP unit from SolydEra, based on cutting-edge fuel cell technology, is without equal in the world and is ideally suited for application in residential and commercial buildings.


The BLUEGEN BG-15: Reliable energy production 24/7

The micro-cogenerator BLUEGEN extracts hydrogen from natural gas and converts it directly into electricity and heat, using fuel cell technology. BLUEGEN continuously supplies cleaner and more efficient energy. It can run on a variety of fuels, including natural gas, natural gas with up to 20% hydrogen, bio-methane and synthetic methane.  With an overall efficiency up to 89%, a single BLUEGEN can produce up to 13,000 kWh of electricity and 7,400 kWh of heat per year. Providing the ideal base-load supply for residential and commercial buildings, the single units can also be interconnected in a cascade.

BLUEGEN reduces the carbon footprint by up to 50% in natural gas operation and up to 100% in H2 operation. No nitrogen or Sulphur oxides are produced and no harmful particulates are released into the atmosphere. The quiet operation makes it perfect for any environment.

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Up to 13,000 kWh electricity per year


For example, for your hot water needs

24/7 reliable energy


Protects the environment and your wallet

Combinable with all heating systems

BLUEGEN BG-15 explained simply

Regardless of whether it is a single-family home or a commercial enterprise: Thanks to its compact dimensions, the BLUEGEN BG-15 can be easily installed in your boiler room or utility room.

Only connections for gas, water, electricity, a chimney and the internet are required for operation.

The following illustration shows a typical set-up of a BG-15 installation:

The BG-15 is designed as an add-on solution to the existing heating system and can be combined with your heating system via a hot water storage tank. In this way, you upgrade any heating system to an “electricity-generating heating system” and can also use the additionally generated heat. The use of the BG-15 improves the overall building efficiency and energy performance without additional cost-intensive measures.

Operation is very quiet and free of vibrations, making the BG-15 ideal for use in a running business, office or even living space. Furthermore, the connection to renewable heat and power sources such as solar thermal, photovoltaic and heat pumps is usually possible without any problems.

Need more power?

You need more power for significantly higher electrical consumption? No problem at all! Simply combine several BLUEGEN in a cascade solution. This way, even a higher energy demand can be satisfied.

The BLUEGEN is based on the latest generation of modular fuel cell technology from SolydEra. This offers you an unprecedented combination of efficiency, performance and reliability. Fuel cells do not burn fuel, but convert it into electricity and heat through an electrochemical reaction. They are among the most efficient energy conversion systems available. With the BLUEGEN all the advantages of this innovative technology are also available to you.

What exactly is a fuel cell?

To put it simply, a single fuel cell is a membrane that is charged with oxygen on one side and hydrogen on the other. The oxygen comes from the ambient air, while the hydrogen is produced by an innovative process from conventional and widely available natural gas. The special properties of the cell ensure that the oxygen penetrates the membrane to combine with the hydrogen. This process creates an electrical voltage that is output as usable electrical energy.

The fuel cell consists of an anode, a cathode and an electrolyte as shown in the following diagram:

Since a single fuel cell only offers a low voltage, systems such as the BLUEGEN combine several cells into a fuel cell stack. In this process, fuel cells are stacked on top of each other and thus generate sufficient energy in combination for use in residential and commercial buildings.

Reduce your energy costs…

With the BLUEGEN, you replace your electricity purchase from the grid and thus reduce your energy costs. Thanks to its high efficiency, electricity generated by BLUEGEN is often much cheaper than electricity from the grid.

…and protect the environment

With the BLUEGEN BG-15, you significantly reduce your CO2 emissions compared to purchasing from the grid (up to 50%). And the BLUEGEN releases neither Sox, NOx nor solid particles. In this way, you make an important contribution to the energy transition.

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