The BLUEGEN systems are monitored around the clock by our service personnel. In addition, we are of course also at your disposal on the sales side.

The quality of natural gas from the gas grid is well suited for the use of a BLUEGEN in Germany. For detailed information on the preferred gas composition, please contact our service department.

No, a connection to the gas network is currently a prerequisite.

The BLUEGEN can be operated with biogas in natural gas quality (bio-natural gas). Untreated biogas is not suitable for operation due to impurities in the gas.

No, the BLUEGEN can currently only be operated with natural gas or bio-natural gas from the gas network. At the moment, however, there is no alternative infrastructure, e.g. a nationwide hydrogen network that would enable operation with hydrogen. In the near future, however, we will introduce new models that are already prepared for the use of hydrogen instead of natural gas – provided that the infrastructure is established in the near future.

Currently, it is not possible for operators of individual BLUEGEN plants to control them directly.

As the operator of a BLUEGEN, you get access to the online portal BLUEGEN.net. Here you can retrieve various current and historical data of your plant.

The BLUEGEN is monitored around the clock by our service technicians via the Internet. In the event of a problem, various settings can be made via the Internet or the device can be shut down. In this case, a service technician from will contact you and, if necessary, arrange a short-term on-site appointment.